Tuesday, 1 November 2011

let's blog... setup time

Trying to set up a very first blog in my life. I heard it's pretty easy with blogspot (google thing... but what is not a google these days?). That what I found so far... it's not that easy! Lots of useless links, some reminders, extra shiny popups and different notifications... do I really need to read all of this?

30 minutes later, I'm up and running. Probably not everything is set in the way it should, but at least... it is working (I mean, it is visible and publicly accessible). I've shared the link to my blog on facebook, over a ten instant visits, looks like people doesn't have anything else to do, 21st century, online socializing is on the top. Stats are scary anyway, 100% visits from Windows OS... great, and the plan was to share some linux knowledge and geeky stuff. Well... you can't have everything withing 30 minutes, you need to wait at least a day, I suppose. Let's get some sleep, and find out what's going to happen tomorrow then. Good night!

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