Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sick day, Kubuntu 11.10 installation, easy as ABC

Sick! I decided not to go to work today, few paracetamols, hot tea and coffee shortly after... I stayed in bed with my laptop and eventually called sick day. Played World of Warcraft for an hour or so, boring... let's do something useful.

Quck Kubuntu download, previously-burned DVD-RW with CentOS 6 erased, shiny new Kubuntu 11.10 ready for a kick. Windows like installer, few "next" buttons clicked, and KDE is up and running out of the box. Do you remember I've complained that CentOS has "PermitRootLogin" set to "yes" by default? Looks like Ubuntu / Kubuntu has same settings, so that's probably default openssh thing. Funny story is that in Ubuntu based systems, you don't really create root user password and system force you to create user account instead, so you can use sudo to run commands with more privileges. With such a policies, why would someone allow direct root login by default through SSH? Well... maybe that's just me who's cares too much about this.

"apt-get" update and upgrade, denyhosts is inside repository, so you don't have to download and setup it manually, that's a good thing right? All this took me maybe an hour, and I had whole day, so started playing with virtualization, KVM and XEN. After a short while, fighting with different packages and configs, I found that my CPU Intel E7300 doesn't support Virtualization Technology (VT-x), this may explain why everything I tried failed, stupid me. I started installation and setup of OpenVZ, which doesn't really require VT, but I had no more patience for this, so decided to play some more World of Warcraft. This game can be really time consuming, if you didn't play it, don't start it, it's like smoking, once you going to try, you will want to do it again.

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