Sunday, 6 November 2011

Why this happen every Sunday

Yet another boring Sunday, doing nothing but slacking around (in pain, trying to quit smoking, doing well... or maybe not, if I have to be honest), surfing the web... here's some funny stuff I've found recently.

It's more like a developer / programmer excuse, but can be used by a systems administrator as well. Imagine re-compiling some system packages or kernel (or maybe building "world" in FreeBSD). Btw, picture was shown to me by Matt, my work colegue (and yes, we both are sysadmins).

And here's something I found on Google+ today (it's not like I'm playing around this g+ a lot, I'm not really a big fan of social networks, but "what's hot" link on google+ can give you a short break and entertiment for few minutes, so it's worth to check it sometime!).

If you can read this you have a strong mind... really? Anyway, very nice idea, and it is working somehow... Credits go to Sabrina Terence, it's a shame that her website doesn't seems to be working... maybe I could find some more awesome stuff over there.

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