Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The last year, when I decided to start this blog, I had absolutely no plans. Created my first blogger blog on 1st Nov 2011, did few posts in November, and forgot about it's existance for almost a year. After a year (almost a year), I checked statistics and I found that my post about "linux CentOS 6.2 - installation" is pretty popular and receiving some nice google search engine traffic. That was really amazing, because it means that someone actually read this (sometime, don't get excited, it's not a million hits per day). For a short while, I've been considering to close this blog, as per "shutdown or not to shutdown" topic, but shortly decided to do some more posts. And since then it's looks like... slowly I started to enjoy this. I have no idea why, but it's still fun to put few words sometime, black fonts on while background, that makes me happy.

All this means that linux-one blog will be up and running (at least as long as long blogger is online, but hey... what's the chance that it will go offline, after all it's a google product). The main idea and story line is Linux, and only Linux. I don't mind to consider to mention Windows system sporadicaly, and I don't mind to say how bad Apple systems are (how much time you have to spend to do so badly with BSD systems? I think it's not possible to screw up such a great unix system in one or two years, it's had to be years and years of intensive development to make BSD based system so bad).

My Windows 7 laptop keeps crashing

It is so annoying when you are doing some work or fun with your laptop, and it crash. Everything just freeze, mouse cursor doesn't move anymore. I'm not sure if the problem is with laptop hardware or my Windows 7 installation (after all, it is proffesional edition with all latest patches, so it should not be crashing...). It started slowly, from time to time, single crash per month, then once a week, then two times a week, and finally now, it crash at least two or three times a day. I need to seriously think about new laptop, Christmasssss soon, maybe Mr. Santa can buy one for me? Just english version of operating system please...

The problem is, that I need Windows on my laptop, as I have to be able to run some windows based software, which is require to do some work remotely. I don't need it all the time, but from time to time, I really need it to make my life easier. Tried to run in with wine, some soft works perfectly, some doesn't at all.

Another reason to actually use windows with my laptop is... as I mentioned already on this blog, I'm connected to internet with T-mobile broadband. It's a USB stick which I brough back in 2010, it's called "ZTE modem" (I love the modem name for USB stick btw). ZTE modem MF626, USB stick 120, that's exactly what I can see on the back on that device. I have been trying to install this on linux, spend really a lot of time, but I failed. Please note that I have been staying offline at that time (how you can use internet, when that's what you're trying is to install device that will allow you to connect to internet?). Probably now, once I'm connected, I could try to find a driver that would be working...

The good story is, that I'm still running Oracle VM on my "windows laptop", with Ubuntu linux installed inside. It's not Gnome/KDE or any X variation system, just a basic linux installation, but that's all I need here. Proper linux X is running on my desktop (Centos6, KDE if someone would ask), and another Centos 6 server on my personal micro HP server, I love that one btw, but it's definately topic for another blog post to describe what's there.

But all of this, doesn't change the fact, that my laptop, with Windows 7 proffesional installed on, crashing too often. I'm not sure if that's a Windows or Hardware problem (make your pick). I'm not very "anti windows" person, and I still think that Winds can be useful, but could be that Windows systems brings more dirt to CPU fan, causing some "hardware issues"...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Problems with Virgin Media broadband connection...

In past year I had virgin broadband connected in two different places. Virgin cable at one place, and national broadband at another place due to no cable available in this area. I'm also a virgin mobile customer, with two pay monthly contracts. I've moved to another place recently in 06/2012 and I'm trying to get virgin cable connected here. I've put a order to get my broadband moved from E1, London to my new address SE5, London, and switch to virgin media cable, as Virgin Media have a cables here. After a short while I got a phone call from Virgin Media spot team, telling me that due to Olympic in London, Virgin can not do this because cables to my place have to go through front street door, and TFL ban any scheduled maintenance jobs on roads class A and B in London. I can understand this, so I follow suggestions and contacted Virgin... placed another order in August, when Olympic was about to end, to get my connection sorted. After I placed my second order, guy from Local Virgin Spotter’s Team contacted me, telling me that my flat can not be connected. He said it's because my windows are in the back side of the building. I have explained, that windows may be in the back of the building but cable can go through front side, but he didn't really listen. After conversation was over, I sent him response to his e-mail to explain this, but he ignores me and never respond back. I sent him another e-mail couple of days ago, asking if something changed, as I can clearly see virgin cables connecting my neighbours from front and back of the building. When I look though my back side of the building window, I can see 2 virgin media cables there,connecting 2 different flats, that's 5 meters away. On corridor in my building, I can see another flat connected with virgin media cable, and that's only 1 meter away from my door, next to my flat. So why someone who has door to his flat 1 meter away can be connected to virgin media through cable, and I can not be? I would really like to be a virgin media customer, I had 2 different connections from Virgin, I still have 2 mobile contracts with Virgin, I'm loyal customer, but Virgin "Local Spotter’s Team" is just rubbish. I think it's easy installation, if Virgin connected flat that is 1 meter away from me, why they can not connect me? Virgin can even save 1 meter of cable! Sad story, because every order for Virgin Media cable go through this crap Local Spotter's Team :(

Thursday, 18 October 2012

shutdown or not to shutdown

The true linux administrator's questions is, should I shutdown or should I not... you never know what's going to happen to the system that has 3 years of uptime. In this case, it's not a system, but this blog. I started this blog on 1st of November 2011, simply because I have been bored. During last year, I realized that sharing some personal information and typical blogging is not what I want to do really. Few new blogs came to live, this time more specific and focused on technical topics. If you're reading this post, then probably you're looking for some answers for hardcore technical linux problems, and in this case I would strongly recommend my blog Linut TnT - tips and tricks. The only reason why this blog is not closed yet, is because it still gets come traffic from search engines, especially my post "linux CentOS 6.2 - installation" seemed to be popular, and this topic had over 2000 visits in past year. Maybe it's not that huge, maybe it's not 2 million visits, but still some people can find useful information, which makes it reasonable to keep it online. CentOS 6.2 will become ancient system at some point, and then I could decide to shutdown this blog, as I doubt if I can be bother to update it. Anyway, as long as long it's online, someone may find it useful, and don't forget to  check my dedicated linux tips and tricks blog with nice bash scripts and information about linux enviroment.