Thursday, 18 October 2012

shutdown or not to shutdown

The true linux administrator's questions is, should I shutdown or should I not... you never know what's going to happen to the system that has 3 years of uptime. In this case, it's not a system, but this blog. I started this blog on 1st of November 2011, simply because I have been bored. During last year, I realized that sharing some personal information and typical blogging is not what I want to do really. Few new blogs came to live, this time more specific and focused on technical topics. If you're reading this post, then probably you're looking for some answers for hardcore technical linux problems, and in this case I would strongly recommend my blog Linut TnT - tips and tricks. The only reason why this blog is not closed yet, is because it still gets come traffic from search engines, especially my post "linux CentOS 6.2 - installation" seemed to be popular, and this topic had over 2000 visits in past year. Maybe it's not that huge, maybe it's not 2 million visits, but still some people can find useful information, which makes it reasonable to keep it online. CentOS 6.2 will become ancient system at some point, and then I could decide to shutdown this blog, as I doubt if I can be bother to update it. Anyway, as long as long it's online, someone may find it useful, and don't forget to  check my dedicated linux tips and tricks blog with nice bash scripts and information about linux enviroment.

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