Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The last year, when I decided to start this blog, I had absolutely no plans. Created my first blogger blog on 1st Nov 2011, did few posts in November, and forgot about it's existance for almost a year. After a year (almost a year), I checked statistics and I found that my post about "linux CentOS 6.2 - installation" is pretty popular and receiving some nice google search engine traffic. That was really amazing, because it means that someone actually read this (sometime, don't get excited, it's not a million hits per day). For a short while, I've been considering to close this blog, as per "shutdown or not to shutdown" topic, but shortly decided to do some more posts. And since then it's looks like... slowly I started to enjoy this. I have no idea why, but it's still fun to put few words sometime, black fonts on while background, that makes me happy.

All this means that linux-one blog will be up and running (at least as long as long blogger is online, but hey... what's the chance that it will go offline, after all it's a google product). The main idea and story line is Linux, and only Linux. I don't mind to consider to mention Windows system sporadicaly, and I don't mind to say how bad Apple systems are (how much time you have to spend to do so badly with BSD systems? I think it's not possible to screw up such a great unix system in one or two years, it's had to be years and years of intensive development to make BSD based system so bad).

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