Sunday, 6 January 2013

phone line and broadband changed from BT to TalkTalk

I'm not sure what happen, but since I changed one of my phone line and broadband from BT to talktalk quality of the line went down. My current line SNR around 10 (up to 11) while it was never less than 14-15 when the line was registered with BT. Attenuation is 33 now and it was not more than 25 when line was with BT.

So from SNR 15 and Atten 25, stats went down to SNR 10 and Atten 33. Broadband link with BT was from 11 to 14 mbps, and it's max 9 mbps with errors and corrections with talktalk. It's ADSL2+ annex A. Sadly talktalk D-Link modem doesn't give much stats, but definitely something is wrong here. Quality of connection is not great, when RS errors happen, packets are lost and has to be retransmitted, causing short "delays" (0.5 - 2 sec) every XX seconds, which successfully destroy any gaming experience, which was outstanding with BT, and it's poor quality with TalkTalk.

Please note that I have two lines with TalkTalk now, and the another line is pretty good and stable. I don't mind 9 mbps instead of 12 mbps (avg that I had on that line with bt), but quality of the line could be improved. I tried to raise this issues with BT and talktalk, but they both are petty much useless in such a cases. It doesn't make sense if BT provide best possible quality of the line when someone buys the line and services from them directly, and lower quality of the line when someone decide to get it from wholesale.